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WARE'S BOYS OF SUMMER: The Stories of Seven Major League Baseball Players from One Small Central Massachusetts Town

Paperback; 246 pages.

Over 40 photos and illustrations.

Price: $15.99.


The population of Ware, Massachusetts, has never reached 10,000. Yet, since the mid-1800s, this small New England town has produced seven baseball players who made it to the major leagues. One, Candy Cummings, is credited with having invented the curveball in the 1860s, and is enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Two others were members of the legendary 1927 New York Yankees—“Murderers’ Row.”

In presenting the lives and careers of these seven players, WARE'S BOYS OF SUMMER tracks the history of baseball from its earliest days, and illuminates the symbiotic relationship between baseball and America's small-town communities.



Paperback; 142 pages.

Photos and illustrations.

Price: $10.95.

Around the turn of the twentieth century, several members of the Kaplan family of Stakliskes, Lithuania, immigrated to America. Among them were three brothers who settled in the central Massachusetts town of Ware. Initially peddlers, two later became prominent merchants and developed part of the town’s business district.

Drawn from contemporary documents and records, this book chronicles the family’s many contributions to commercial, civic, and religious life in Ware. The book thus paints a picture of a family who arrived as immigrants and became part of the fabric of a small but vibrant New England community.

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